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Thanks very much Dai me old mate for stitching me up with the offshore pension account and the 4 crappy funds which you put me in.

There are the most volatile funds you could imagine - up 3% one day down 500% another day. Do you have any idea what you are doing ? Are you even legally working here ?

I don't care that you used to work for the Embassy, I was *** enough to fall for all that ***.

Why don't you answer your phone and reply to my emails ???

this is absolutely outrageous !!!

hope I don't bump in to you in any quiz nights again soon...

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you sound like a bunch of 7ossers!!

Seoul, Seoul, Republic Of Korea #773494

Are you still trying to pursue Regency?

to paddythomas Matawan, New Jersey, United States #776556

Could you please contact me if you have been signed up for one of these pension plans with Regency Asset Management. I noticed you just posted this in January.

I have also fallen victim to them and I am looking for other who have. This is a timely matter and is very important.

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